Programs & Services

Urban Neighborhood Services provides a wide range of programming to meet the needs of Coney Island residents. Our programs promote self-sufficiency, and strengthen community resilience.

Housing Services

Urban Neighborhood Housing Services provides housing services to the South Brooklyn Community of Coney Island. Community residents receive the following services: Assistance applying for affordable housing lotteries using Housing Connect, Legal support to address Eviction proceedings, Tenant rights workshops, Legal assistance, Resources to address arrears, Rent Freeze for People with Disabilities: First application, and renewal, Rent Freeze for seniors: First application, and renewal, Tenant organizing workshops.

Helpful Links

ABCs of Housing, Rights Handbook

Domestic Violence Services

Dove Initiative
The DOVE Program at Urban Neighborhood Services serves victims of physical and sexual assault, domestic violence and elder abuse. UNS staff provide case management and support to domestic violence victims. Victims receive valuable information about resources available to them. Staff help victims to cope at a time when they are most vulnerable. They are counseled on next steps and educated about available resources. UNS provides these charges free of charge.

Case Management

UNS provides comprehensive case management services to clients. Each client receives a thorough assessment during intake process. An individual case plan is developed, implemented and monitored to ensure that each client receives the needed interventions for success. The case management plan meets the human service, and mental health needs of the individual.

Therapeutic Counseling

Urban Neighborhood Services provides free psychotherapy and counseling. Clients meet a therapist weekly to resolve problematic behaviors, feelings, and relationships. Services of free of charge.

Financial Literacy

UNS provides financial literacy, education, and counseling free of charge to clients. Financial counselors conduct individual financial assessment for each individual. They receive information of budgeting, saving, investing and credit.

Community Access to Health

UNS promotes the health and well-being of our community. We provide health education, nutritional programming, access to health information and medical insurances. Each spring we host a Community Health fair that provides HIV testing, vision, and dental screening, mammograms and ultrasounds free of charge.

Legal Referral Services

Community residents receive free legal referrals throughout the year. Attorneys have represented UNS clients in housing court, and with immigration cases.

LGBTQ Safe Zone

Urban Neighborhood Services recognizes that the LGBTQ population is underserved, especially in ethnic minority communities. UNS is a safe zone for LGBTQ youth and their families. The young people and their families may discuss any needs and receive services at no cost. In addition, UNS provides trainings to other CBO’s about how to meet the needs of the LGBTQ community and creating a non-discriminatory work environment.

Criminal Record Repair Counseling Program

In Partnership with Community Service Society, UNS helps the formerly incarcerated obtain copies of their rap sheet and helps to facilitate the process for obtaining certificates of relief and good conduct.

Financial Paths Project

In addition to financial literacy, UNS offers year round seminars and workshops on personal finance, home ownership and entrepreneurship.


UNS case managers process applications for government entitlement programs. Community residents can apply for Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security at our office. In addition, we assist residents with making an application for housing to the NYC Housing Authority.